A satellite view of Mauritania, Africa. It shows the Western edge of the Sahara Desert
Observer Magazine — January 24, 2021
How Google is making travel during quarantine possible
Google Earth enables people to travel and get unique perspectives on locations that are otherwise inaccessable in these times.
When it comes to food, there’s a number of incredible locally sourced eats to enjoy, but no trip to the islands is complete without trying black pineapple. The fruit, native to Antigua, is as sweet as it is rare. In fact, it’s so delicate it can’t be exported, so you won’t find it anywhere else. A popular spot to sample it is along Fig Tree Drive in the south. Elsewhere, you’ll find this juicy treat at fruit stalls dotted throughout the island.
South of Tarfaya, the Western Saharan city of Dakhla is an appealingly relaxed destination.
Caribbean countries like Antigua and Barbuda have made going green a priority.
Climate Change